You are currently viewing How to Obtain Approval for Land Conversion in Malaysia: A Step-by-Step Guide

Approval for land conversion in Malaysia depends on what you plan on the piece of land you have. Just because you have a piece of land does not really mean you can do anything with it. Some people assumed that with that piece of land they may go ahead and do as they pleased with it. Though that is not wrong, there are certain things you may have to consider before going forward with it. Hence, you will need to get approval from the Malaysian government before doing anything to it. 

What does land conversion mean? 

Obtaining approval from the Malaysian government may be time-consuming and complicated. However, it does not have to be that way. Before we dive into the step-by-step guide on how to obtain approval for land conversion in Malaysia, let us explain what land conversion means first. 

Land conversion basically means that you convert the use of land from one category to another. It is the process that you change the intended use of the land to another use of the land. It can be converted for residential use or for commercial use. 

Residential use pretty much means you use the land for residential purposes. You may build houses, condominiums, apartments, studios, etc., on these plots of land. You will need to strictly keep it for residential use otherwise. 

Commercial use means you may build shopping complexes here or other similar get-ups for commercial uses. You may not be allowed to build residential complexes here as they may have a “clash of interests”. At the same time, you may not use it for agricultural uses either. 

Agricultural use means you can only have agricultural buildings and activities on this plot of land. Its only sole use is for agricultural uses and there’s that. 

How do you obtain approval for land conversion? 

Step 1: Check the local zoning plan and land use policy 

Before applying for land conversion, it is important to check the local zoning plan and land use policy. This will help determine if the proposed use of the land is allowed in that area and what are the procedures involved in applying for land conversion. 

Step 2: Prepare the necessary documents 

To apply for land conversion, you will need to prepare the following documents: 

  • A completed application form
  • A copy of the title deed or land ownership document
  • A location plan of the land
  • A site plan showing the proposed development
  • A land survey report
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report (if required)
  • Other relevant documents as specified by the local authority


Step 3: Submit the application 

Submit the application to the local authority or the relevant government agency, depending on the type of land conversion. The application fee varies depending on the location and the type of land conversion. 

Step 4: Wait for approval 

After submitting the application, the local authority will review the proposal and may conduct a site inspection to assess the suitability of the proposed development. The local authority may also require additional information or documents. 

Step 5: Appeal 

If the application is rejected, you may appeal to the relevant authority or take legal action. It is important to note that the appeal process can be lengthy and costly. 

Step 6: Obtain approval 

If the application is approved, you will need to pay the necessary fees and comply with the conditions set by the local authority before starting on the development. 

Bottom Line 

Obtaining approval for land conversion in Malaysia is not necessarily a hard thing. It can get lengthy at times but it’s worth it in the end. If you need any assistance with obtaining approval for land conversion, feel free to reach out to us for further assistance. We will be more than happy to assist.